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Robot vs Totempole

  • Working in a field of gold
  • Hanging on with my lifeline stretched
  • And all the angels looked away
  • I was dreaming of the ancient chiefs
  • As they stood their ground and sang
  • The evil spirits kept at bay
  • The manager sits at his desk
  • Begging into the telephone
  • The deadline breathing in his neck
  • It takes a while for him to guess
  • He's completely on his own
  • And the line has gone dead
  • Holy Joe was carved from a tree
  • As a kind of therapy
  • And it worked for me, it worked for me
  • Now I've got my own Totem Pole
  • Full of woodworms and full of soul
  • Holy Joe watches over me
  • Robots cannot understand
  • Robots, they just work the land
  • Digging for coal and pumping the oil
  • In cumbersome toil
  • Robot versus Totempole
  • The myth of gold versus the wooden soul

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  • Chuck a coin in the slot
  • For some high speed rock & roll
  • Pink star, white line
  • Feel bad, better, fine
  • Hallowed be the pagan girls
  • Wiggling in a downtown swirl
  • The beat is banging on the eardrums
  • Oozing moisture, slippery floors
  • Up there on a hotel roof
  • Sanctified in modern groove
  • A rock star in the crosshair view
  • The city feasts on the morbid news
  • Meanwhile in the stadium
  • The masses moan and weep
  • Try to hold on to the soul
  • That is not theirs to keep
  • Scoop it up and slip it in
  • Close the lid, that's it
  • Living in Lotusland
  • Preach the big I
  • Make up a good story and
  • Cover up the lie

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  • Me and Rumplestiltzkin
  • And a bunch of unsolved riddles
  • High upon the tower,
  • Casting shadows on the clouds
  • But it changes by the hour
  • And me and Rumplestiltzkin remain
  • Lured up these steps
  • With the promise of redemption
  • Work up a good sweat to purge all these questions
  • And wait for the thunderstorm to wash 'm all away
  • And me and Rumplestiltzkin remain
  • All strings attached to the man in my head
  • How come I believe this Carthesian threat
  • How will I know he's not going insane
  • While me and Rumplestiltzkin remain
  • If I could only guess his name
  • Cut him loose and wash him away
  • Me and Rumplestiltzkin, one and the same

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Black Smoke

  • John Thorn was taking in the hay
  • Milk and meat were all home made
  • The boy was taking in the trade
  • We were slowing down the pace
  • River trout proves world trade wrong
  • Angels pissing on our tongues
  • Labor, beer and then a song
  • This is how it all belongs
  • The foreign office brawls what's up
  • A robot fills my plastic cup
  • It comes to me this whole thing sucks
  • I'm about to pull the plug
  • Massacres for pocket's sake
  • Kill God's creatures just in case
  • And then the plague came down
  • Black smoke rising from the farms
  • Bad news spread around
  • Black smoke rising from the farms
  • And we fled back to town
  • Our good vibes badly charred

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Waiting for Spring

  • In the greenhouse in the garden
  • The plants suck up the remaining light
  • Desperate tries to keep their leaves green
  • They are lucky to be inside
  • And waiting for spring
  • Camouflaged men in the desert
  • Have their brains baked in the sun
  • Their eyes are squinting as they stare
  • Down the barrels of their guns
  • They are waiting for spring
  • And me, I didn't know where I'm going
  • And I forgot where I came from
  • Something deep inside is missing
  • Something deep inside is wrong
  • I am waiting for spring

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Cat Got His Tongue

  • The 10:30 smoker has nothing to say
  • He is just thinking of going away
  • And the frantic writing of last night
  • Is a disillusion today
  • Is there any reason, is there any reason to stay
  • His friends keep asking "Cat's got your tongue?"
  • He's never been any good at smooth talk
  • No one bothers to read the words of his song
  • They should have known, it comes when it comes
  • Is there any reason, is there any reason to stay
  • His songs appear in a sordid state
  • He never seems to get them straight
  • Dumps the remains in an overnight bag
  • And the road lies open to good old fate
  • Was there any reason, was there any reason to stay
  • Life, it picks you up and tosses you around
  • Life, it eats you raw and spits you out
  • And all of last night's radiant ideas
  • Seem irrelevant just now

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Groundhog Day

  • Creative insomnia in the flourishing spring
  • Kick the Sandman out, time to pull my strings
  • Like a newborn rodent, I crawled out of my hole
  • Stuck a note on my door that said "Gone with the flow"
  • In Punxsutawney he got it right
  • He spends the summer staying up all night
  • By the end of September it was gone
  • So I started that fall with a sorrowful yawn
  • Quietly locked the door
  • Lights off, clothes on the floor
  • Undercover till Furry Phil
  • Can't see his shadow no more
  • In Punxsutawney he got it right
  • He spends the winter like you spend the night
  • It makes no sense to get up in the fall
  • When you plan to hibernate
  • Stay in and sleep through winter and all
  • Wake up on Groundhog Day

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Bus Trip to Mitzpe Ramon

  • Four months worth of living on beer and cigarettes
  • Nothing to be proud of, it's not what I regret
  • Party time again and Robert must come too
  • Went out there to invite him, the least that I could do
  • Two knives heated red hot on the kitchen stove
  • And a home-made paper funnel to inhale the smoke
  • From a glowing piece of camel dung
  • I tried and nearly choked
  • It was getting pretty late for my bus back to Ramon
  • I got back on the bus that was waiting to depart
  • A soldier fell asleep, right there in my lap
  • I kept peeking at his uzi and at the safety catch
  • It was the one thing that I hoped he did not forget
  • By far the longest bus trip of my entire life
  • What must have been 'round 50 seemed like 500 miles
  • On a dusty desert road, decoratively lined
  • With car wrecks and bullet holes in the traffic signs
  • Bus trip to Mitzpe Ramon
  • Where all the sinners wait to get stoned

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Walker's Faith

  • Have you heard the news
  • Walker's lost his shoes
  • The anchor man his cue
  • And I am losing you
  • Faith was fading out
  • When you tried to push and shout
  • A message way too loud
  • For me to figure out
  • A calculated deal
  • To bow down and kneel
  • That's not what I feel
  • A prayer must be real
  • All things pass I guess
  • And we've made such a mess
  • But you were meant to last
  • That's what I can't grasp
  • Have you heard the news
  • Walker lost his shoes
  • The anchor man his cue
  • And I am losing you

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